Jul 19, 2022



What are your beliefs about money? 

Earlier today, I was feeling a bit stressed about the fact that my electric bill has increased by $100 per month, and as we all are experiencing, it feels as though everything is going up in price.  

Being a small business owner, full-time, can and has caused even more mind drama.  Because it means that I don’t necessarily know exactly what money is going to come in or when.  It is not as straight forward as getting a paycheck from employer every week. 

The reason I’m sharing that is not to play into anyone’s fear or anxiety around money, but simply to say that if you are experiencing this, I get it.  And, now I want to offer you an exercise that I found very helpful and eye opening. 


1.    Ask yourself what your beliefs about money are.  Where did they stem from?  Are they even yours?  Are they serving you in any way?  Write them all down.  

What emotions do you experience when you think about  money?  Write those all down, and reflect on them.  Where is the emotion coming from?  Where do you feel it in your body?  Does it have a shape or color?  Describe it as you write it down. 

This can help to not only show you where you might have stuck emotions, but also help you to see that they are just unnamed shapes or colors.  You don’t have to allow them to have power over you. 


2.    Next, write out that you are ready to release any of the emotions that you feel are “stuck.”  These would be emotions like: fear, lack, anxiety, resentment and shame.  You of course can hold on to any helpful emotions you have around money, such as: excitement, joy, gratitude or happiness.  

If you aren’t feeling any positive emotions around money, don’t worry, you are not alone.  I didn’t feel any during this exercise either.  

You can thank the less than helpful emotions for teaching you things, but ultimately you are breaking up with them.  


4.    Once you have written all of that down, think of what you actually want to think and feel about money.  Write those on a separate piece of paper.  Hang it somewhere you can remind yourself, daily, that you are building new thoughts and thus feelings about money.  

I recommend coming up with one core thought or affirmation that is catchy to you.  One that feels really good when you say it.  Bonus points if you associate it with a visual in you head. 
For example:  I always think of myself on one beach and there is money flowing in with the current.  I’m smiling and happy, and because I have more than enough, I release some of the money back to the current as it goes in the other direction to more people on a separate beach.  Everyone is happy and provided for! 

You can use mine, but pick something that lights your heart up when you think about it. 


5.    Finally, it’s time to release the old money mindset.  You can do this by having a little ceremony in which you burn the piece of paper.  You can again choose to thank your brain for offering you all of those belief systems, and then remind it that they are no longer serving you, so you wish to think something different now.  

If you don’t want to burn it, you can tear it up, scribble it out or whatever signifies release to you.  

BONUS: On the affirmation sheet of paper - Write out all of evidence you have that money is “easy.”  Maybe you have effortlessly manifested an extra paycheck, received money for a task you would have done for free, won the lottery, etc. 

The purpose of this is awareness.  The more aware you are that your brain is just offering you thoughts on repeat (that’s what a belief is), there more you are able to say - “thank you, and also…”. 


And, it is important to understand the money is energy.  So every time you spend or receive money it is simply an energy exchange.  We often make it out to be something much more daunting than just that.  

Finally, the universe responds to energy.  So putting more energy toward positive beliefs about money, is likely to help you bring more in.  Spending too much energy on the when, the how, or thoughts like “there is never enough,” may unfortunately make it feel like the bills are just stacking.  Like I mentioned it felt like for me at the start of this blog. 


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