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I'm going to be real with you.  I started using oracle cards simply because I thought they had pretty pictures & messages.  

I had no idea that they were going to be the catalyst for my understanding that we are all intuitive beings.  And, understanding those little nudges can be so powerful in living the life that you truly deserve.  It can improve your ability to self-heal, change your mindset, choose what to eat for your body, how to tackle big or small projects and even how to communicate more effectively with others.  But, that's just a few of my favorite things. 

Join me for the next live INTUITIVE ORACLE CIRCLE, where I will teach you everything I learned about how oracle cards can be great tools to use in your self-coaching practice, as well as help you understand yourself on a whole new level.   Spots are limited, because I want to keep this an intimate 8-Week course!  


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I’ve always believed that there was more to life than what meets the eye.  And, then I learned I was right.


The reason I created was due to my passion for helping people live in mind, body, soul balance. 

Understanding this, and dedicating time to living in balance is the ultimate form of self-love.  And, I have learned the hard way that loving oneself is the single most important lesson that we are here to learn.  

The problem is, when we don't feel good in our mind, body or spirit...the rest of the areas tend to suffer as well. 

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