A regular Reiki is the ULTIMATE form of Self-Care.

I offer two different types of Reiki Sessions.  Read below to determine which session best resonates with you.  And, never hesitate to schedule a 20-minute discovery call with me - if you need some clarity.

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Get ready for extreme relaxation & you don't even have to leave the comfort of your home!

  • 60-Minute Reiki Healing live on Zoom
  • Session enhanced with crystal healing, color therapy, sound healing, angel healing, etc.
  • 20-30 Minute recap at the end with nutritional and/or wellness recommendations 
  • This session is available in single sessions or 4-pack sessions (get one session FREE!) 
Traditional Reiki



This session is also relaxing and completely remotely, but Tanya will be consciously channeling messages was they come up!

  • 60-Minute Healing Journey live over Zoom
  • Channeled messages + Oracle messages for each of your 7 Chakras - with the purpose of deep healing
  • Sound healing and light language, when appropriate during the session
  • Inner-Child & Higher Self communication when appropriate during the session
  • 30-40 Minute recap + Oracle readings with nutritional and/or wellness recommendations
  • Audio recording of channel messages within the session
  • Single sessions or packages of 4 (deep discount for pkg!


Intuitive Reiki Journey


"My Reiki session with Tanya was like no other.  She is a clear channel of healing.  

She takes the time to speak with you regarding any blockages you feel you may be experiencing and makes you feel safe in her presence.  

The energy integrated over the days after her session was absolutely beautiful and I feel so much lighter and clear.  I highly recommend working with her for your energy healing needs.”

- Amanda Yoa

“I had never had a distance healing of any kind, before, so I was excited to receive a distance chakra healing session from Tanya.  But, also didn't know exactly what to expect.  I was surprised when I felt the same energy movements in my body as a face-to-face session!   

She confirmed an area of imbalance that I had also suspected, so I was happy to have her work on that chakra.  I love that she uses different techniques to support her chakra healing and gave me different ways I could support my chakra and keep it in balance.  I am a total believer in Tanya's ability now, even from a couple thousand miles away.”

- Rachel Edwards


Tanya is such a breath of fresh air! I love her authenticity, and the session was AMAZING.

I can’t wait to work with her again.

So many empowering messages came through for me, I feel like I’ve taken such a big step forward. I’ve gained confidence and belief in myself. What a treasure!

Book with Tanya and you will feel the same way. It’s rad.

- Lexie Oncea 

But...What is Reiki?! 

Need more information on what Reiki is & how it can benefit you?  Click below to read a blog article I wrote about it! :) 

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