30-60 Minute Intuitive Oracle Reading

Let's get clear on how you can move forward! 

  • 30 to 60 Minute Oracle Reading Over Zoom
  • Decks Intuitively Picked for Each Session
  • Tanya Rae typically does not consult the Oracle Guidebooks to do the readings.  She will however use crystals, pendulum and other spiritual tools as needed
  • Ask as many questions as needed in the 60-Minute Session.  However, open ended questions are better.  "Yes & No," questions provide very limited insight
  • These readings are designed to help you gain clarity on an aspect or aspects of you life, while remaining open to interpretation and introspection
  • Recording provided after session.
60-Minute Oracle Reading


Tanya Rae provides these readings for information and entertainment purposes only.  They should NEVER take the place of professional or medical advice from a licensed practitioner.  Tanya Rae will never read on legal matters or serious health conditions.  

Please understand that while Tanya Rae strives to provide the most accurate information possible, none of the readings are guaranteed.  Tanya Rae does not claim to predict the future, but only to connect with the most likely timeline for you today.  This means that things can shift at any moment due to a number of factors.  Because of this, Tanya Rae does not often give specific timelines & dates in her readings.