$11.00 USD

LIVE READINGS on Social Media

This reading is for when Tanya Rae is live on CH or TikTok & her list is open, only! 

What you'll get:

  • A full reading on one topic, or question of your choice. (General Guidance, Love, Work/Career, Family, etc.) 
  • Tanya Rae will provide guidance as she sees fit & ethical around your reading.
  • PLEASE put your social media handle in the message box and your question or theme, so I know how to find you! Thank you!  

***I will not subscribe you to my newsletter unless you consent to it, so don't worry.  But, you may use the login that my website requires to join my free group if you wish. 

Please note that these readings are for entertainment & information purposes only.  Never use the information provided in your reading as a replacement for professional, medical or legal advisement.  Purchase of these readings is final.  Must be 18 years of age or older.  Tanya Rae only reads for the person who is consenting to the reading.  Tanya Rae does not read on matters related to death or serious illness.  She also will not read on legal matters. These readings are meant to help guide you to live a soul-aligned life, they are not meant to predict the future - though Tanya Rae will read on what the most likely timeline is for today's energy.