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My weight loss journey started with one question – what if I don’t give up this time? 


At the time, I had entirely no idea how powerful that one question that I asked myself would be.  The “me” of two years ago did not spend a lot of focus on growth.  It is hard to spend time on self-improvement when you are super uncomfortable in the skin that you are in.


If you are anything like me and have ever felt persistent negative thoughts toward your body – I think you know exactly what I mean. 


That’s not to say that people do not grow in their careers or other areas of life when they are uncomfortable in their own bodies – but it can make advancement harder to focus on.


Needless to say, I was definitely not in a spot where I was able to understand the full weight of my own thoughts – let alone the questions I asked myself.


As of recently, I have been doing a lot of mindset work.  And, today, I was listening to Brooke Castillo’s Life Coach School Podcast, when something she said really hit home.   She, in my humble opinion is a master of understanding the power of thoughts, but in this particular episode she was talking about the power of asking positive questions.


It was then that it hit me – my entire life changed (no I’m not being dramatic – I honestly can’t recognize the “me” of two years ago) because I asked myself one question. 


I could have told myself – I am not going to give up this time.  I am going to be successful, etc.  But – at the time I would not have believed myself.  Experience told me that I would not keep the weight off.  History told me that I would be successful short-term, but eventually I would blow it. 


Instead – I asked a simple question.  What if I don’t give up? 


While this particular question implies that I give up, every time, I was at least able to open my mind to the possibility that maybe I would see another outcome.  I was still very much in the headspace that all of my failed attempts to keep weight off before, were 100% my fault. 


But I was willing to ask my brain to entertain the idea that maybe this time would be different. 


Brooke stated in the podcast I spoke of, above, that our brain is designed to answer questions.  So – essentially – when we ask positive questions, we are sort of tricking our brain into thinking about things from a more positive scope.   How cool is that? 


What to do with this information:


  1. Write down the goal or area of life that you are focusing on.  Due to the fact that I specialize in helping women lose weight and keep it off, I’m going to use weight loss as the example. 


  1. Write down all of the questions and/or thoughts that you are currently thinking about the possibility of achieving your goal.  Also pay close attention to the fact that your brain is probably really try to tell you two things:  this is scary, I shouldn’t do this.  And, also, if you are like me – history has showed me I can’t do this.  


  1. Write down a list of questions you could ask yourself about this goal.  What if I could?  What would it be like to achieve this goal?  Why do I want to achieve this goal?   


  1. Circle the question(s) that feel good to you. The question(s) that when you ask them to yourself, they get your brain thinking positive thoughts about your goal. 


  1. Go for it, you can do this! Keep asking yourself positive questions until you are looking back and asking yourself – why did I ever think that I couldn’t do this?


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