Jun 14, 2022

Spring Cleaning - it’s not just physical, it’s energetic!  


While we are getting quite close to the first official day of summer, I thought the fact that we are at a Strawberry Super Moon at the time of this writing, to discuss spring cleaning!  


This has been on my mind a lot lately, due to the fact that I have definitely been in the purging mode lately. 


The truth of the matter is, our physical environment is a representation of what is going on in our inner environment as well.  


Have you ever cleaned out a space or moved the furniture around and felt like a weight was lifted off of you?  Or perhaps you all of a sudden felt clarity and perhaps creativity in a space that was just switched up?  


That is why.  Your internal environment no longer felt congested and you might have even released some energetic weight around the things that were unknowingly causing you stress.  


With that said, I wanted to give some tips and tricks around shaking up the energy in your environment.  Trust me, you will thank yourself.  


1.  Change Up Your Spaces  


I recently decided that I was going to redecorate my home.  But, I didn’t go to the store or rummage sales to get new-to-me things.  Instead, I took the things that I already had in my home.  I decided what I still love, what I no longer want in my environment, and what I want to change up a bit.  


So, what I did was took everything off of my shelves, gave everything a deep clean and then decided where to put it back.  The way that I changed up the energy in my whole house was that I mixed pieces around from other rooms! 


2.  Move The Furniture 


Even if you decide that it is going to go right back into its same places, there is something about moving the energy and getting that deep clean that can leave you feeling so refreshed.


But bonus points if you can flip a whole room or two, in your house! 


3. Move Space 


This one doesn’t even require doing any extra work.  If you are feeling like your creativity or motivation is stagnant, or you just want some new inspiration, move spaces.  For example:  I used to do all of my content creation in my office.  But, I realized I was feeling stuck super often.  I then decided that I was going to do all of my creation outside on my porch.  And, BOOM, I switched up the energy which inspired me to create! 


When you change things up + clear things out, you make room for new things to come in.  Things that are more aligned with who you are right now.


4. Clear That Space 


Just a friendly reminder, it’s good to clear the energy in your spaces on a regular basis.  Because, if you don’t clear the stagnant or inharmonious energies in your space they can make you feel foggy head and potentially like you are carrying extra weight.  Which, essentially you are, it just might not be your own.  


You can clear your space by burning or spraying sage, palo Santo, Reiki (if you practice) or visualizing beautiful white light cleansing your spaces.  You can even ask archangels or ascended masters to assist you in clearing the space. 


5. Use the Moon


Being that this is being written on a full moon, I just want to share that those who have crystals and cards or other metaphysical tools - it can be great to cleanse them under the full moon.  You can put them in the window sill, if you are uncomfortable putting them outside.  

You can also create moon water by putting a sealed glass vessel with water under the full moon.  There are many uses for this, but one way you can use it for cleansing, is by adding some to your bath water.  This will charge it while you are soaking yourself.  


6. Get Up & Move!!! 


Sometimes one of the best ways to move stagnant energy is to just move.  Get up and dance and live in joy!  This will bring in more creativity, inspiration and balance. 


7. Let Go!!!


This has been discussed in a few other points, but it is too important not to end with.  Remember that you are able to let go of things that are no longer serving you.  You might have once loved them, but it is okay if you no longer do.  Or perhaps, the things might have been useful to you; but you haven’t used them in 6 months.  Let them go!  


You get to choose how you let them go.  I understand how it can be hard to think about filling a landfill with things that you once loved.  I don’t like contributing to waste either.  But, many of your things can be donated or recycled in some way.  But…DO NOT hold on to them just because you don’t want to contribute to waste.  I think we have established that keeping things in our space that we no longer want can have disastrous effects on your health + inspiration. 


I hope that this blog blessed you, and no matter when you are reading this, it's time to shake up the energy a little bit!  







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