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I started this blog, website and business with the goal of helping women lose weight.  This was (and still is) near and dear to me, because it was such a big part of my journey.  And, I know how much your overall quality of life can improve by making changes to your nutrition.  I want to start this off by acknowledging those who have been with me from the beginning.  




I first became a certified keto and carnivore health coach through Craig and Maria Emmerich and then loved learning about nutrition so much, I attended the Nutritional Therapy Association and became an NTP.  It was at the NTA and in the NTA circles that I began to learn not only about nutrition, but other modalities for overall wellness. 


So over the past year or so, I have studied life coaching and energy healing in the form of reiki and chakra healing - which includes crystal healing, angel healing, sound healing, aromatherapy, etc.   And I’ve also studied other things that may seem a bit woo compared to when I started my business.   


But - I’ll save those stories for another day, what I want to talk about today is why I shifted from weight loss to self-love.  


Here’s the thing:  I’ve gained quite a bit of weight over the last year.  Actually at said point. I was at my lowest weight about a year ago and then around September the scale started creeping up.  At first it was just a few pounds and I wasn’t overly worried about it.  


Then I realized I was gaining 5-10 pounds a month.   This started to really worry me.  The truth is, sometimes I was eating whole food keto, sometimes I wasn’t.  Sometimes I was eating really clean foods regardless of what they were, in terms of carbs and sometimes I wash’t.  But - it did not seem to matter.   


Please, if you are starting to feel triggered by this, because you are worried this will happen to you.  Don’t worry, it likely won’t.  But the truth of the matter is that chronic stress can play a huge rolls in weight gain.  For a number of reasons, sometimes because, we fall back into old unhealthy habits as a way to cope (which I did do) and of course there are other factors at play here too.  Like elevated cortisol, etc.    


See here for some ideas on how to reduce stress.

Or to learn about grounding (which reduces stress and boost immunity.) 


Here is what the weight gain taught me, and why I chose self-love over focusing on weight loss: 


I was hating on myself.  I was embarrassed to see my friends, many of which I had coached on how to lose weight.  I didn’t want to leave my house, even though some of the stress was do to NEVER leaving my house.  


I first thought that I had gained weight again because there was a lesson about weight loss that I had yet to learn.  So I started experimenting with different eating styles and thought processes to see if that would help me.  


What I learned was, I was focusing on the wrong thing.  What I needed to learn was that I am not a number on a scale and the number on the scale does not measure my worth. 


My worthiness, like yours, and everyone else’s is something that I was born with.  And when I pay attention to who I am as a unique individual and I honor what makes me me - I get to make a bigger impact on the world, 


Why?  Because the relationship we have with ourselves determines how we relate with others.  When we love ourselves unconditionally, we are able to love others unconditionally.  When we act out of love, everything opens up. 


We are able to start living the lives of our dreams.  We are able to have the relationships we want with others.  We are able to be happy just being.  Creating things becomes easier, because you are creating out of love and creating out of love is always most aligned with your greater good.  


Essentially this discovery in myself, is what lead me to shift my content and business focus.


This means, that if your ultimate goal is to lose weight, I can still help you do that.  But - we are going to focus on self-love, first and foremost.  


This means, that if your goal is to build a business that is aligned with your values, that lights you up at your core - I am going to help you do that.  But - you guessed it, it starts with loving and accepting yourself first.  


This means, that if your dream is to find the love of your life…I’m going to help you fall in love with yourself, and only then you can find the man or the woman of your dreams.  


It might sound cheesy, perhaps you don’t believe me right now and that’s okay - but I truly believe that self-love is the key to setting yourself free.  


Think about how much time is freed up, when you re-write the stories about how unworthy you are.  Or unattractive or how you can only do X when you lose the weight, have a better paying job, have the right outfit, etc.   Self-love is about dropping all of the stories and conditions we put on ourselves and being able to embrace what makes us uniquely us.  


It’s about embracing the weirdness, the things that make us stand out and harness them to create and bring value to the world.  


This is why I switched my path to self-love and body acceptance.  I’m still here to help you with keto, carnivore, weight loss…whatever you need. 


But I’m going to make damn sure you start working on loving and accepting yourself first. 

xx Tanya Rae


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