Nov 02, 2021


Let’s talk crystals to use when you want to enhance your self-love practice.  

But first, let’s talk about a few things to keep in mind...



Crystals each have their own vibration.  And the reason you may want to use them in your own healing journey, is that they can assist in healing, due to their high vibration.  

This means that you can use the crystal and it’s unique vibration to help you support your seven main chakras.   

As a general rule of thumb, a stone of the same color as the chakra you want to support will help!  While self-love can be associated with other chakras, for the purpose of this blog, I am focusing on the heart chakra. 

The heart chakra is represented by the color green or pink.  So crystals that are green or pink are generally great choices.  



The reason that I use crystals in my Reiki practice, is that the use of them actually amplifies the Reiki life force energy.  This can speed up healing times.   



Crystal energy is sent to the client I’m working on, whether they are with me face-to-face or if they are in another country across the world. 

While Reiki and energy healing is not associated with religion, it works in a similar way as prayer.  You don’t have to even know a person to send a prayer to them, you just have to know your intention.   

Energy healing and Reiki + crystal healing work the same way.  



Okay, as I mentioned this post is meant to help you choose crystals that you will help you on your self-love journey.  These are the top 8 crystals that I use in my personal practice and when I am working with clients!  




This beauty actually represents love directed toward oneself first. This stone is the gold standard for working your self-love muscle and doing inner child healing. 



Anyone who works with crystals should have some rose quartz. This stone is all about love, it has very gentle energy so you should be fine to put it in every room of the house! 



This crystal is one of love and self-discovery. This stone can help you discover your inner gifts! 



This powerful and gorgeous stone is the stone of compassion. It helps you act/think in unconditional love and without judgement. It can also help you clear energetic trauma. 

In other words, if you are holding on to stories or emotions (conscious or often sub-conscious) this stone can help you clear those.  This will help you to get your life force energy flowing smoothly.  



This one is super fun to work with, because it is both pink and green! This beauty is a master at helping you balance your emotions! It will also help you release any bad habits. 



You can use green or pink fluorite to help you clearly align your thoughts, words and actions to your heart! 



This stone will help you build your self-confidence! It can also help you enhance your flow of life force energy. (The energy we all have, that flows through our chakras to support all of our organ systems/body.) 

This stone can even bring you "good luck!"  While I don’t necessarily believe in good or bad luck, so much as I believe in karma and intention, the bottom line is this stone can be used to bring in abundance.  



Helps you to bring peace and calm to your environment. It is a very soothing and nurturing stone, but it can also help you amp up your positive energy! 



1.  Meditate with 1-2 of these stones. 

2. Lay down with 1-2 of the crystals on your heart chakra. 

3. Keep them in your space when you need a boost of self-love. 

4. Carry 1-2 of them in your pocket. 

5. Take your favorite out in nature, and sit with it. 

6. I even take a bath with rose quartz (not all stones can or should go in water).  And, many people prefer to never put any of their crystals in water.  


Notice, when you are using the crystals on your body or carrying them with you, I suggest to pick one or two.  This is because it isn’t always a good thing to use too many crystals at once.  


Always pay attention to how you feel, and occasionally you may notice that you interact better with certain crystal energies versus others.  Or that you work better with certain combos over others.  


This will be for another post, but just a reminder to cleanse your crystals regular.  This can be done in a number of ways, but make sure that if you are carrying them on you or wearing them all day to clear them EVERYDAY.  


This is to ensure that you aren’t carrying other people’s emotions or your own negative emotions on you, within your crystal.  


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