keto Jun 24, 2020

My friends, my heart breaks a little every time I think of my original wedding dress. 


Do you know that feeling – or maybe dream of that feeling (if you’re still waiting on the ring or the special person) – when you meet the perfect dress? 


In some ways, it’s almost as good as meeting the perfect person to spend your life with.  


It makes you feel good, you feel tears welling up in your eyes just thinking about how your future spouse is going to react seeing you in it, it gives you all the feels. 


That was how I felt about my original wedding dress. 



The reason I call it the original – is my husband is Kiwi born (New Zealand).   When I bought the dress, I assumed I would be wearing it for my legal American wedding in front of friends and family. 


But – those of you who watch 90 Day Fiancé can probably guess how that turned out – we were told by our immigration lawyer that unfortunately there was no guarantee that I could plan a big legal wedding in the US.  


I could plan the event, but the visa timing might not coincide.  Ultimately – my then fiancé and I decided that I would move to New Zealand and get married there. 


Our legal wedding was beautiful – but I chose not to wear my original wedding dress – because none of my family or friends were present. 


My parents had paid for it, so I felt like they should see me in it at my “American” wedding.


Here's where the problems started...


By the time I wore my originally picked wedding dress, it had been over a year since I picked it out.  And – I had gained at least 60 pounds.


The well-meaning (I think) attendant told me about 60 days before I was supposed to wear the dress that absolutely did not fit – that I knew what I needed to do.

The problem was – I didn’t.


That may seem crazy to you.  I did know that she meant I needed to lose some weight.  What I didn’t know is how I could possibly lose enough weight, on time for my second wedding.


So, I didn’t.  The same attendant who was also a seamstress, was able to work her major and take the dress out enough so that it was wearable.  But – it was no longer structurally sound.


My boobs, which were supposed to be strapped in the sewn in cups were flopping around to the point that I nearly gave everyone in attendance a peep show. 


I’d like to tell you that it was then – that I decided something was going to change.  But – it wasn’t until the following year.  And then I kicked myself. 


I think you can guess where this is going – when I realized the power of keto – I realized I could have lost enough weight in those 60 days to make a difference. 


Friend – if you are newly engaged, hopeful or about get hitched but want to drop some pounds – listen up.   And, if you just read that even though you’re already married or have no intention of being married or will never wear a wedding dress (for whatever reason) – this is still for you too. 


Weight loss is not impossible - it is just that most of the advice we have been told our whole lives about weight loss is flawed or flat out WRONG.  


I help women learn to eat a whole food, ketogenic diet to lose weight and gain better metabolic health. 


The ketogenic way-of-eating is no for everyone, but if you are curious about getting started, make sure grab your FREE Keto for Weight Loss Kickstart Guide, here.   


And for more tips and tricks on how to look and feel your best on your wedding day - or any (and every day) check back for the latest posts! 


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