Dec 31, 2021

One of the most transformational things that I did for myself this year (2021), was that I started to journal every day.  


I will be honest, in the past I felt like journaling was just not something I needed to do.  I have all of the mindset and coaching tools to manage my brain, so why would I need journaling? 


Let me tell you: 


  1. I built a stronger relationship with myself.  A more respectful, loving and compassionate one.  

  2. I was able to track my progress on certain patterns of thought that I wanted to rewire.  

  3. I was able to dig deeper, beyond the surface, and uncover thoughts and beliefs that were so imbedded in my subconscious that I was not aware that they were not actually facts.  (And, that I could change or shed them if they weren’t serving me.) 

  4. I learned that journaling helped me to clear my brain of all of the clutter that I refused to acknowledge was still there (we all have it.)  

  5. I realized all of the things that I am grateful for; all of the blessings that are happening for me on a daily basis. 


I wanted to give you the gift of my Top 21 Journal Prompts of ’21, in case you are looking for a little inspiration in ’22 or beyond! :) 


  1. What does it mean to truly love myself?  

  2. What does freedom mean to me?   

  3. In what ways am I closing myself off of living as my most authentic self? 

  4. What was my most recent trigger?  Why was a triggered?  What was the trigger trying to teach me? 

  5. How can I create more abundance in my life?  

  6. How can I create more balance in my life?  Mind? Body? Soul? 

  7. How am I being called to look at this from a different perspective?  What insights are gained by doing this? 

  8. What can I do to make sure I am living and responding to life from a place of unconditional love?  

  9. How does future me think about this situation I’m currently in?  (Having lived through it.) 

  10.  10.What are my beliefs about money?  Do they keep me a scarcity or abundance mindset?  Why?  

  11.  11. How can I open myself up to receiving more support when I need it? 

  12.  12.What would I most like to experience right now? 

  13.  13.What doesn’t feel aligned in my life right now?  What can I do to bring it back into harmony? 

  14.  14. Are there any ways in which I am cutting myself off from receiving more love? 

  15.  15.When I turn inward, what do I already know is true? 

  16.  16.How can I take better care of myself energetically? 

  17.  17. What limiting beliefs am I still carrying, that I am ready to shed?  How can I do that? 

  18.  18. How am I being called to surrender to the unknown? 

  19.  19. If I slow down and listen, what might I learn? 

  20.  20. What am I being called to create, right now? 

  21.  21. How is this perfect? (Plug in any situation you want to see from a different perspective.) 


And a bonus for 2022 - but also because my bias is that this one should be answered at the start of every day - What am I grateful for today?  (3-5 things every morning should do the trick!  “Big,” or “small,” it does not matter, trust me!)


I hope you enjoy these, and cheers to you, for embarking on or continuing the lovely art of prompted journaling!   


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