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Do you want to be one of those people who has glowing skin?


Here’s some good news for you:  simply eating a well-formulated (whole food) ketogenic diet is the first step to accomplishing this. 




A large part of the reason living the ketogenic life is beneficial to the skin and hair health is because a regular SAD eating plan is heavy is refined sugars and processed foods that cause tons of inflammation in the body. 


High inflammatory markers are one of the causes for breakouts and other not-so pleasant skin conditions.


When our body is inflamed our cells are not generated in the most healthful manner – this includes our skin cells! So, when you consistently eat a low-inflammatory diet of whole foods that are low-carb, your body starts producing healthier cells.  


Insulin resistance also aids in building unhealthy cells (and skin), which the ketogenic diet is very effective in reducing.


Those skin cells of course are generated INSIDE of us, not on the outside, so while it’s still a good practice to take care of your skin from the outside – it is 1000x’s more important and effective to care for it from the inside (I didn’t actually generate the math for that one!)  


On top of everything else, some skin conditions are a result of autoimmune or food sensitivity reactions.  So, being very mindful of the types of foods that you put in your body can help you reduce reactions that cause your body to attack its own skin cells OR cause yucky acne or rashes.


Fun Fact(s) – did you know that the skin that we see and care for on the outside is actually dead skin cells?  And, that we generate new skin cells about every 90 days!


Here are some pointers as to how to have get that glow.


We’ve already established #1. 


1. EAT KETO. The moderate to high fat in the ketogenic diet is also beneficial for skin health.  I recommend that specifically for skin health to focus on fatty cuts of fish as it is common for people with skin issues to have a fatty acid deficiency.



2. COLLAGEN: Take a hydrolyzed collagen supplement.   Collagen helps us build healthy skin cells (and it improves the elasticity of our skin.  Another perk to taking collagen is that it is great for breeding our healthy gut flora.   This is beneficial to everyone, but especially great for those who are eating a carnivore diet. 


Collagen is used in every one of our cells, but our bodies often start declining in the production of it as we get older.   It’s actually produced by something called “fibroblasts” and these fibroblasts actually start becoming frequently more dormant as we age.  But they don’t go away, they just become the non-producing version called fibrocytes.


The cool thing is – when you take collagen supplements – that collagen actually reminds your body to continue making and generating collagen.   It even starts waking up the fibrocytes that have been sleeping on the job. So those little guys start producing collagen again too. 


Remember – that it’s not likely that any of this will seem to be fully showing up, until after 90 days. 


Though you will probably see improvements from the start – the real magic will happen when you’ve given your body a chance to generate a whole new set of really healthy skin cells.


I like using this brand, but you can use any hydrolyzed collagen that you like best. 



3. SKINCARE PRODUCTS & MAKE UP!  You might be wondering – so collagen should only be ingested?  What about my collagen-rich face products?     You can still use collagen facial products, to make your outer skin appear and feel healthier.   Just know that these products aren’t likely deep enough to actually help generate knew, healthy skin cells. 


While we are on the topic of skincare – the most important thing to understand is that most of the skincare products and make-up that we use contain numerous chemicals and yucky ingredients.  We are a bit unsure of how this fully effects our overall health, but there are some theories that putting topical toxins on our body is actually more dangerous than the toxins we ingest.   This theory is because our body has defense mechanisms to neutralize some of these toxins (detox pathways as well as digestion – our stomach acid is a great killer when its’ working properly.)


So, what should you use on your skin?  I recommend checking out to look up the products you use to see what their rating is.  This website keeps a running list of chemicals and toxins that are known or suspected threats to our health and they assign a rating to the products – so you can make an informed decision on whether or not you want to continue using them.


I also always recommend, BEAUTYCOUNTER.  Full disclosure, I am a consultant, but I only ever promote products I use.  And, that is why I’m a consultant.   For those who are unfamiliar with the brand – the gist is this - #1 their products are EWG certified and #2 they care about making a positive impact on people’s lives (from making sure their ingredients are sourced free of child labor to having the goal of getting better beauty products into the hands of everyone).  


They have a list of 1800 ingredients that they will NEVER use because they are questionable or known toxins.   And, they are always re-evaluating their ingredients to make sure things are the safest they can be for the people that use them.


By all means, if you have any questions about BEAUTYCOUNTER products, please let me know! 



4. HYDRATE!    I bet you could have guessed this one would be on the list.  Our skin and our body do not like to be dehydrated.  Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.    This has two primary roles.  When your skin is hydrated, the elasticity is improved and also it is able to flush out toxins more effectively. 


But, as always – remember that hydration depends on electrolyte balance – not just pure water intake.  This means you may need to add an electrolyte supplement or focus on foods that are magnesium and potassium rich + use a high-quality salt.    For more information on this, be sure to download my free Keto for Weight Loss Kickstart Guide, if you haven’t already!



5. REST and SLEEP are also so important to help the look of our skin.  Our body needs to have adequate rest to function properly so make sure that you are catching those Z’s. 


Without adequate rest our body is unable to do the repair processes, including skincare.  Without enough sleep aging can be accelerated and skin health (amongst so many other things) can be negatively effected. 


Some people may have to come up with an official sleep hygiene routine and/or schedule in official relaxation time.   


Examples of sleep hygiene:  take a hot shower every night before bed, limit blue light at least two hours before bed (screens, tablets, etc.), stop eating at least 3 hours before your meal.  



6. GET SOME VITAMIN D!   Vitamin D has so many benefits, including skin health and elasticity.  You can take supplements if you do not live somewhere that you can get a decent amount of natural sunlight per day, but always make sure that the supplements are D3.


If you are able to get natural sunlight, it’s best to go outside for about 20 minutes and let as much of your skin catch the rays as possible.  Then go in the shade or put on a safe, mineral based sunscreen.  Like this one. 



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