Jul 15, 2022

3 Ways to Meet Your True Self & Be Authentic w/ Others


How honest are you? With yourself? With others? 

I ask this not out of judgement, but because recently I have been thinking about the importance of whole-hearted honesty.  And, how I grew up thinking that it was more important to be kind, than to always tell the truth.  

If you grew up like I did, you were probably told things like - if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.  And, while I understand that applies to bullying and teasing; it can also be misinterpreted as not giving true feedback if it might be challenging for the recipient to hear. 

Beyond that, it can create the need to hide pieces of oneself from the world, that may be perceived as something offensive or could be troublesome for another.  

For example: even well into adulthood, where I should now be confident in saying who I am; it is very hard for me to admit to someone that I’m an intuitive healer and channel.  Like it’s something to be ashamed of, even though I am grateful that I have awoken to my gifts.  And, that more seem to come in by the day.   And, that I know the gifts have purpose - purpose to make a positive impact on other’s lives.  I still feel as though I should hide that from people, because it’s “weird,” or in some circles “evil.”   Or I might be perceived as “crazy.” 

Even if you can’t relate to that example, I encourage you to ask yourself what pieces of you are you hiding from the world?  Yourself?  Big or small, it doesn’t matter.  It is becoming increasingly more important for everyone to be their most authentic version of themselves.  

Honesty is the frequency of the heart.   When people tell you to speak from the heart, they are literally asking you to speak your truth, whether they realize it or not.   The heart does NOT lie. 

And, the importance of listening to and speaking from your heart, is that this is how you make soul aligned decisions.  Decisions that bring you closer to living in alignment with your purpose.  This is also how you manifest the things that you truly desire in the world.  

The truth is, you are manifesting things constantly.  Some things are things that you desire, while other things are things you don’t desire, but you have been sending energy to.  Because of this, it is so important to manifest from the heart.  The heart knows what it wants.  The heart is not going to lead you astray.   


So how do you speak honestly to and about yourself? 


  1. Ask yourself who you truly are.  

I know that sounds simple, but pay attention to what comes up when you ask the question.  And, don’t panic if you feel stumped when you do.  I am willing to bet that many people have a hard time answering this question, because many of us don’t really know ourselves that well.  

In fact, this is really what self-love practice is about.  It’s building a relationship with yourself, with strong foundation.  And, if you knew exactly who you were and how wonderful even the messy or shadow pieces of you were - you wouldn’t need a self-love practice. 

Explore these journal prompts and get really clear about your answers: 

 a.  What am I currently hiding from myself? 

 b.  What really and truly matters to me? 

 c.   Who am I? 

 d.   What do I really want? Like? 


2. Check-in to the heart space.  

I’ve already alluded to this, but when in doubt, ask your heart.  Some people actually “feel,”sensations in their heart-center which is their confirmation that they are speaking to the heart.  Others just have a “feeling,” it feels pure and loving.  Some may be able to simple ask, is this my heart speaking.  You may have to spend some time tuning into what your cues are.  But, I will let you in on a little secret; the heart is never fearful or angry.  So while the truth can be scary at times, because it’s new and different, the energy behind the truth itself won’t be.  


3. Ask to see your shadows. 

This can be scary at first.  But, the shadows are present in every human.  It’s not about getting rid of them or being the perfect person who has no shadows. 

Shadow work is actually about identifying the areas that are shadow side for you, and loving them too.  It’s about seeing them for what they are and then sending love their way.  It’s about accepting them as part of you, while realizing that they are not all of you.  They are just little teachers waiting to show you pieces of you that you didn’t know existed. 

Having this new found clarity about yourself should help you to go out into the world and speak your truth more often.   And the beauty in that, beyond you living in alignment, is that you just might inspire others to be their true selves, also.


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