Apr 19, 2022

I wanted to share some information about what Reiki is and how it can benefit you.  Because, truth be told, when I decided to become a Reiki Practitioner, I didn’t actually know what to expect.  The reason being is that I had no idea what Reiki even was.  I had never received a session before, when I answered the call to study Reiki!  I had heard of it, I knew that it was “energy healing,” and that it was something I was meant to do.  But, I did not know why.  You can read my story about Reiki, here.   xx Tanya Rae 



Some of the Benefits You Can Experience From Reiki:  


  • Deep relaxation 
  • Better moods
  • Stress relief 
  • Improved sleep 
  • An increase in energy 
  • Emotional balance 
  • Pain relief 
  • Help solving problems 
  • Improved overall health and wellbeing 
  • Cleared energy blockages 
  • Accelerated healing of wounds
  • Body detoxification 
  • Help with breaking unwanted habits and behavior change
  • Can help prevent disease 
  • Clear your mind for better mental focus & clarity
  • Help you create mind, body, soul balance 


So let’s get to it, what is Reiki? 

Reiki is traditionally translated to mean “universal life force energy.” 

Rei (pronounced “ray”) translates to universal or boundless.  And, the Ki (pronounced “key”) refers to the life force energy that runs through all living things.   It was discovered in Japan, by a man of the name Usui Mikao 

We all already have the life force energy within us, as we are all living things.  The Ki also goes by other names like: chi, prana, mana and Holy Spirit. 

 Reiki is known as a non-invasive healing modality that is shared from practitioner to client, usually through gentle touch.  It promotes stress-relief, relaxation and can help to reduce anxiety.  It can support your overall wellbeing.

Relaxation is super important for any type of healing, because deep relaxation is what allows your body to be in a parasympathetic state - otherwise known as “rest and digest.”  Unfortunately, many of us are chronically stuck in a sympathetic state, which is our “fight, flight or freeze,” state.  

You can probably gather that “fight, flight, or freeze,” isn’t a healthy state for us to be in all of the time.  And, it can perpetuate potential mental, emotional, physical or spiritual problems. 


A Word About Life Force Energy

As mentioned above, we all have life force energy running throughout our bodies.  It is what keeps our body in harmony, and everything operating the way we want it to.  It runs through energy channels, or vortexes in our body called chakras.  

When the life force energy gets stuck, or blocked, then it doesn’t supply adequate energy to the areas of the body that the chakra is responsible for.  And, each chakra is associated with different glands and organs in the body.  But they are also associated with different mental, emotional and spiritual areas of your life.  

The info I want to share, however, is how you “know,” this energy is running through your body right now.  

Have you ever stubbed your toe and immediately put your hand over it?  Or perhaps your child bumps their head, and after checking the area, you put your hand over the area and they feel better.  This is because the life force energy is going straight to the area that needs extra healing love.  

So, point being…the energy is already flowing through you.  But Reiki, is the UNIVERSAL life force energy, it does not come from the practitioner.  It is actually channeled by the practitioner, to the recipient.



Then, How Does Reiki Work From a Distance?  

While Reiki is often referred to as a hands-on modality, practitioner’s may choose to work only in your auric field (or 2-4 inches above your body), even when they are doing a session in person.  But beyond that, there really is no such thing as “distance,” when we are talking about energy healing.  

I know that sounds a bit, “woo,” but it works from a distance because practitioners set an intention that it will go where it needs to go.  And there are sacred symbols that the practitioner uses to make sure they are connected to the person(s) they are sending the Reiki to.

The Reiki practitioner is not actually the healer.  They only channel the energy through them and transfer it to the client.  You, as the client, are your own healer.  The practitioner is just there to assist you.  

The best way of explaining energy healing from a distance, I have ever heard is this: (keep in mind that Reiki is not associated with any religion) 

When you pray for someone’s healing, or perhaps the healing of an entire nation or situation; you don’t have to have ever been to that place or know the person to send the intention that they will be healed.  

And, when you send that prayer, you know that is not you that will be healing that person.  You let go of the expectation, because you know that it is God that will help if it is meant for that person or situation at that time.  

Reiki works in a similar way.  The practitioner is not really in charge of the healing, Reiki in fact will go where it is most needed.  Despite where the practitioner may be intentionally guiding it.  


Reiki Works on All Levels! 

Reiki works to support you on all levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  



As mentioned above, Reiki supports on a physical level, by offering extreme relaxation.  This is important, because when you are in the parasympathetic state of “rest and digest,” you are able to strengthen your immune system. It can also help restore natural physical balance, because when there are blockages or imbalances that is when physical pain and disease can manifest.  



Reiki can help bring you calm and balance to your emotions.    The most common reason that your Ki (or life force energy) will be weakened is by negative thoughts or emotions that “become,” stuck.  Reiki can gently help clear those blockages.  This is important, because often clients are not consciously aware of these stuck emotions.  So the pain from the blockages is there, but they can’t be dealt with.  Reiki exposes them so that they can be released. 



On a mental level, Reiki can help clear the mind so that the receiver experiences better mental focus and clarity.  And, tied in with the emotional aspects of wellbeing; recipient’s may become more aware of negative self-talk and belief systems that are not serving them.  This makes it possible to start releasing those as well. 



Finally, Reiki at the spiritual level, helps connect you to Source (God, Creator, Universe, the Divine - whatever resonates with you); which is beautiful because it reminds you that you are here for more and that you are never alone.  You are never alone, because you are one with Source.  It helps you connect, which can be such an amazing part of healing and spiritual growth.


Mind, body and soul balance is essential to live a truly healthy life.  


Still questioning if Reiki is for you or not? 

That’s okay, I get it.  I’ll make this one easy for you.  Reiki is for everyone!  It can never cause any harm.   

You don’t have to be a certain “type,” of person to receive Reiki.  I have worked with people who are interested in Reiki from all different walks of life, professions and belief systems. 

Reiki practitioners even work in clinics and hospitals to help support the outcome and healing of surgeries and other medical concerns.   

But, beyond the fact that Reiki is for everyone…the biggest reason I know it is for you, is that you are reading this right now!  Reiki has a way of finding people, like it did for me, just when they need it the most. 

I hope this information helps you to gain a bit more clarity as to what Reiki is and how it may help you! 


If you would like to schedule a Reiki session with me please click here!  


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